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Crime Scene Investigation Training

All CSI course are NM Accredited:


PRT is an authorized training provider for Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). PRT offers certification training program for new and experienced law enforcement officers and to civilians, college students (majoring in Criminal Justices degrees), seeking to gain experience to develop a career in Law Enforcement Agencies with Crime Scene Units.


Each topic has PowerPoint lectures and numerous hands-on training from real crime cases investigated by Coordinator/Instructor Danny Garcia and Instructor Ben Venable.


PRT uses certified CSI Assistants to assist Instructors and students. Their other role is actors for mock crime scenes.



• Basic and Advanced Crime Scene Investigation - 40 HR Course (Click Here for More Info)


• Crime Scene Digital Photography and High Dynamic Range (HDR) Forensic Photography 40 hr course (Click Here for More Info)


• Crime Scene Death Investigations - 40 hr course (Click Here for More Info)


• Introduction to Forensic Bullet Trajectory – 40 hr course (Click Here for More Info)


To register or sponsor a course, contact Danny Garcia, Danny.Garcia@pearlrivertech.com or 575.642-6425.


Danny Garcia



Danny Garcia, is a retired veteran with three different law enforcement agencies, in a span of 40 years. Retired first from the Las Cruces Police Department, Las Cruces, NM, El Paso Intelligence Center (DEA Federal contractor – program manager), and the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, Crime Scene Unit, El Paso, Texas. Mr. Garcia, now works as a Crime Scene Investigation Instructor/Coordinator for federal contractor, Pearl River Technologies, from Bay St. Louis, MS.


Mr. Garcia is certified through the International Association of Identification ((IAI) as a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst (CSCSA) Level III, and a certified law enforcement instructor. He is currently writing a training manual on Special Techniques to Enhance and Develop Shoe/Tire Impressions and Develop Fingerprints on Documents in Seconds, by use of photography and powders. Techniques he discovered and are currently taught to U.S. Border Patrol agents in the El Paso Sector and has saved money for the agency.


Mr. Garcia is a Crime Scene Investigation instructor and currently assigned to teach the newly created Evidence Collection Response Team and Critical Incident Team of the U.S. Border Patrol. To date approximately 250 Border Patrol Agents, to include, US CBP Agents, DEA Task Force Agents and local law enforcement agencies, have been certified as Crime Scene Investigators through his Basic and Advanced Crime Scene Investigation course.


Mr. Garcia began working crime scenes in 1974 up to his retirement with all agencies. During his career he has seen changes develop in the use of technology and has been trained on various technology software and equipment, however, through his strong beliefs of ‘Never Forget the Basics and Protocol’.



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